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Advocates for Justice

Charlie Lamento

Advocates for Justice is a bi-monthly podcast that will present the hard facts about the human rights challenges facing our world today from an international legal perspective. We will face each topic with the aim of educating and empowering everyday people. As you become educated and gain basic critical knowledge of how international law is shaping national and local ways of life without consent, you can take practical actions to prevent human rights violations and injustice in your communities.In every episode, we will strive to present credible facts from an objective viewpoint, including opposing views in a respectful/compassionate manner, allowing all of us to learn and understand all sides of the issues. There seems to be growing desperation for objective reporting of the facts, so people can decide for themselves what is true and false. This is our aim. We will also feature conversations with activists and leaders who are actively involved in advancing human rights – including some of the most controversial human rights issues from the frontlines of the war against injustice. Your host, Charlie Lamento is an international human rights lawyer protecting and empowering those who cannot defend themselves against human rights violations and injustice. His and Advocates for Justice’s focus is on eliminating all forms of human trafficking and sexual violence against children. Charlie is the director of Global Hope Network International’s (GHNI) Criminal Law Policy Training Center (CLPC), in Geneva Switzerland. The CLPC focuses on providing resources, consultation, and training to policymakers, government officials, civil society groups, and private business owners, committed to eradicating human rights violations. Charlie also serves as GHNI’s UN Chief Representative responsible for advising on the interpretation and application of international law and policy as it applies to projects where we are involved, in over 50 countries around the world. He has more than 14 years of law practice experience, including a former criminal prosecutor in the United States, a law professor in Europe, and licenses to practice law in the US, England & Wales (solicitor), and Registered European Lawyer. Charlie is the Founding Director of Lamento Advocates Law Firm based in Prague, capitol of the Czech Republic

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